October 11, 2016 Three things I learned through Pitch It mentoring

Convincing my mother that a career in advertising rather than engineering was not a futile ambition was tough; I couldn’t have done it without Pitch It. She had a lot of questions, as did I, and I didn’t know where to go with them.

I was so excited that finally, as a result of joining the mentoring programme, I was able to feel as though my background was no longer a shortcoming that overshadowed my chances of having a career in the creative industry.

My mentor’s name was Lottie and she worked as a marketer at PROPERCORN.
Here are three things I learned with the help of my mentor Lottie, that will help me in the future…

1. Proper preparation equals more confidence

In our first meeting we established what I wanted to achieve. Confidence is something that I have a very limited supply of so that was one of our main goals. One of the first tasks that Lottie set for me was reading the LinkedIn profiles of a few of her colleagues and then interviewing them. Before the interviews we talked about what qualities would help me make a good first impression.

2. Accepting criticism with an open mind

Afterwards interviewing other members of the PROPERCORN team, they offered me constructive criticism. At first it was difficult for me to accept the fact that I was not perfect already in every shape and form, but improving my interviewing skills based on their criticism was very useful.

3. Understanding consumer research

Working with a marketer definitely developed my understanding and knowledge of the marketing and advertising industry. The importance of understanding the main consumer group of your product is something I got to grips with whilst working with Lottie.

Lottie sent me a box of PROPERCORN and as a task I had to give the product to my family and friends and collect their feedback. It was really interesting to take a product I had never thought that much about, and think so much about it!

This Pitch It experience was tough sometimes, but it was also amazing to have the support of my amazing mentor, Lottie. I am really happy that I know someone within the creative industry who I am close with and that I can to go to for advice.

Words by Elizabeth Ogunsola

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